June 6, 2016
New chairman revealed
Artem Tolkachev takes place of the former chairman Alex Fork. The board has voted Artem in on June 6, 2016.
May 27, 2016 announces partnership with 51ASIC announces its partnership with the largest Russian blockchain mining equipment firm, 51ASIC. 51ASIC have pioneered the first ASIC-miners, supplying equipment to an ever-growing clientele in Russia, the CIS and Europe at large.
April 18, 2016
Bitcoin trademark officially registered in the Russian Federation
The Bitcoin trademark is now officially registered with the “Bitcoin” group in Moscow. Alex Forks, a Blockchain Community leader and founder of the fintech accelerator Future Fintech, is the trademark owner. The known Bitcoin-enthusiast is not planning to monetise the trademark. Instead, he declared a principled opposition to a possibility of a Bitcoin market monopoly in Russia
April 13, 2016
The HSE kickstarts its own Fintech-startup acceleration program.
The HSE business incubator launches a 3-month financial and blockchain technology enterprise acceleration program HSE{Pro}FINTECH.
March 12, 2016
Bitnation is presenting the world's first blockchain based consitution
The Bitnation community is in the process of developing a DIY governance platform. Recently it has registered the constitution of the Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN) in the Ethereum.
October 27, 2015
We are launching website
Blockchain Community is a voluntary borderless community of entrepreneurs, services, experts and blockchain enthusiasts.