April 13, 2016

The HSE kickstarts its own Fintech-startup acceleration program

The HSE business incubator launches a 3-month financial and blockchain technology enterprise acceleration program HSE{Pro}FINTECH.
The HSE kickstarts its own Fintech-startup acceleration program

RVC stepped in as a partner of the acceleration program. The deadline for applications is April 26.

HSE{Pro}FINTECH is there for technology startups specialising in fintech development with global potential. Preference is given to crowdinvestment, crowdfactoring and crowdleasing development enterprises, P2P-lending, blockchain systems, wealth management, payment transfers and similar projects.

20 best project applications will be enrolled in the program starting May 16. After the final presentation in mid-July the project teams will be carrying on with the work with industry tutelage. QIWI, Alfa-Lab, SberTech, the National Settlement Depository have all expressed interest and supplied their expert advice to the program.

The HSE business incubator Mikhail Ehrman opined:

We observe the global trend in the markets: there is a strong demand for fintech projects; and this trend has not eluded Russia. At the same time, projects with a strong potential are in shortage, despite investors' and global financial organisations' interest therein. Our overarching goal is to organise and support enterprises that will shine on the global financial technology market

At the end of the program the finalists will have a working and empirically tested business model, a certified produce and a user base; the ultimate confirmation of the enterprise's market fitness.

To apply visit the program website.


HSE Business Incubator — is a part of the HSE that specialises in support and nourishment of young enterprises. It is ranked among the top 25 world's best business incubators according to UBI Global 2015.

RVC — is a Russian government body and one of the key facilitators of a national innovation system.