May 27, 2016 announces partnership with 51ASIC announces its partnership with the largest Russian blockchain mining equipment firm, 51ASIC. 51ASIC have pioneered the first ASIC-miners, supplying equipment to an ever-growing clientele in Russia, the CIS and Europe at large.

51ASIC can boast of multiple successful mining farm projects. The company develops and caters for all the infrastructural needs, including ventilation, failsafe energy supply and incessant functioning of the farms.

The core team of 51ASIC consists of just 2 members, thriving on its tight connections with a vast network of software and hardware specialists. 51ASIC's support centre is nevertheless fully-fledged and has a history of success of its own.

The small team has a spotless reputation that allows them to maintain their leadership role in the market for a long time. They represent interests of such groups as Schenzhen Biwang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd (BW.COM) and are partnered up with the LK Group Limited.

51ASIC certificate